Talk Me Through Your Process

Why Me? - S1E2

August 17, 2020

Welcome to Talk Me Through Your Process - S1E2

Have you ever wondered what sets a person on the path to educational leadership? What if we told you the process can start long before the realization is made? Join three educators as they process through the complexity of becoming an administrator.

In this episode:

“Why me?”  When you got the “tap” to pursue leadership, didn’t you ask yourself that very question?  In this episode, hosts Rolland, Chris and Ramona, explore the “Why Me” question, “shopping” for leadership qualities admired in others and quiet vs extroverted leadership styles.  The conversation evolves into a look at what holds you where you are, the weight the decision to lead and the job itself carries, as well as the change new administrators experience as the power differential switches from teacher to Vice Principal.

Big thanks for sharing your time with us.

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